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Breath Series

Swimming Hole Foundation Artist Residency: collaborative large format cyanotypes, photography, and audio-reactive generative video

Deb Johnson, Donna Moran, Karen Boone, Julia Randall, Lyn Godley,

Terry Irwin and Andrea Wollensak.

The Swimming Hole Foundation

In June 2023, the Swimming Hole Foundation invited a group of seven artists to collectively respond to “place.” Their individual practices: painting, drawing, ceramics, sound and lighting design, photography and printmaking was the starting point of a collaborative experiment.


The group adopted the metaphor of the quilting circle, a long-standing tradition in which women came together to sew clothing scraps into coverlets. This collaborative “circle” provided a place to tell stories, share knowledge and empower each other.


The Old GanstHERS' daily explorations in the natural landscape of the Swimming Hole, were reflected in late afternoons in the barn. In this space their “quilt” emerged, by collecting, constructing, assembling, recording, and projecting stories that captured decades of wisdom. An interactive artifact, both physical and ethereal, emerged from their “circle” and  displayed as a collaborative work.  —Terry Irwin

"Breath" screenshot from audio-reactive video,  2023


"Breath" screenshot from audio-reactive video,  2023

"Breath" screenshot from audio-reactive video,  2023

"Breath 3" screenshot from audio-reactive video,  2023


"Andrea's Bubbles" photograph from cyanotype process, by Terry Irwin, 2023

"Andrea's Bubbles 3" photograph from cyanotype process, by Terry Irwin, 2023

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