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Cultural Cartographies: GPS Drawings
of Bellagio, Italy

Place-based digital GPS drawings, composite video, large format prints, artist book

Subtle Technologies Conference, University of Toronto, Canada, 2001

Generative Art Conference and Exhibition, Milan, Italy, 2000

"Scienced Ficctions; Vehicles, Technologies, and Tracings of Other Places" group exhibition at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Canada 2000

In May, 2000, I was an artist in residence at the Rockefeller Foundation’s Study and Conference Center in Bellagio, Italy. This site project employed GPS, sound and video. The Rockefeller grounds have centuries-old gardens as well as fortifications on the north side of the property. I collected GPS data, sound and video footage from the Villa, the village, and the nearby hamlets. The work included  GPS mapping drawings compiled into a daily log artists book, and video/sound work.

The dissemination of this work makes visible new ways of reading place and the characteristics and nuances of each site selected in Northern Italy. The project explored the global/local conditions of visualizing place through technology, surveillance and accessibility.

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