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News from 2021-2022

International Symposium on Electronic Art
Barcelona, Spain

Environmental Critical Zones: Reading the Wrack Lines short paper presentation.



Anchorage Museum
Artist Residency

Wollensak was invited to work with the Anchorage Museum as part of a year-long artist residency. This position is integrated into the Museum's Counter Cartographies project, designed as a responsive artistic practice connected to critical dialogue about Alaska and the North. The work will be a collaboration with Anchorage-based community partners and poets.


Open Waters artist book purchased by University of Buffalo Special Collections 

Open Waters, a large format artist book, containing 12 poems by Judith Goldman, Associate Professor, Director of Poetics Program at University of Buffalo was recently purchased by University of Buffalo, Special Collections Poetry Collection. The Poetry Collection is the library of record for 20th- and 21st-century poetry in English. The Collection is one of the worlds largest collections of poetry first editions and other titles, little literary magazines, manuscripts, broadsides and anthologies.



XXIV Generative Art Conference and Exhibition, 
Sardinia, Italy

Environmental Critical Zones: Reading the Wrack Lines generative audio/video work was exhibited at the XXIV GA 2021 conference. Wollensak also virtually presented a short paper. Collaborators included Bridget Baird and Brett Terry.


September - October,  2021

Fire and Ice Exhibition - Connecticut College Galleries

A group exhibition that focused on nature's fragility in the face of untamed Capitalist growth and climate crisis. Curated by Timothy McDowell and Barbara Zabel.


Climate Action & Visual Culture Exhibition, University of Huddersfield, UK

Reading the Wrack Lines was on exhibit in Climate Action & Visual Culture in the "Climate Activism: Gathering Forces" category of the group exhibition. Curated by Laura Mateescu and Tabassum Ahmed.

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